I can’t believe I’m done!

Donnie and I went on a date tonight, to have a quiet dinner alone, and to finish up our Christmas shopping for the boys. We found everything we needed, and we’re done!!!

I don’t think I have ever been finished with their shopping before Thanksgiving! Usually, there’s a mad dash for some last minute-items, fighting the crowds on December 24th. But not this year! I still need to grab a few stocking stuffers, and wrap everything. But that’ll be a piece of cake.

I feel so efficient, so unburdened, so free! This must be what organized people feel like all the time. 😆

(Trust me, I wouldn’t know!)

One reply on “I can’t believe I’m done!”

  1. I used to like you until I read this! LOL I haven’t even thought about starting. I’ll be lucky to get his birthday stuff ready before the 29th.

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