Wordful Wednesday: My Calvin

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Zach has discovered the joy of reading Calvin and Hobbes. We have a couple of books here at home, and plan to look for more at the library soon. As Zach says, he is totally Hobbes while Eli is totally Calvin. It’s the truth!

We had a Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs moment this morning. Jonah had just woken up and we’d settled back in bed for his morning nursing session. I heard Eli in the kitchen, pouring a bowl of Rice Krispies. I always let him put a little sugar on plain cereals like Rice Krispies, plain Cheerios, etc. I heard him open, then close the sugar jar. Then I heard Zach walk into the kitchen—he has very heavy footsteps—and exclaim, “ELI! That is a LOT of sugar!”

“What?” asked Eli. “I like a little sugar on my Rice Krispies!”

“Yeah, but that is a LOT! I can’t believe you put on that much!”

Now, had I not been breastfeeding a dozing infant, I’d have taken a peek at that cereal bowl. Eli is legendary for his sweet tooth, but Zach is the opposite, not liking sweets much at all. (For example, my mother knows this and for Easter, instead of getting Zach candy like she gave Eli, she bought him a can of bean dip and a bag of Fritos! Zach was in heaven, having his own treat like that. He said to me later, “Mom, know how much I prefer bean dip to candy? About 95% more!” LOL!) Anyway, given Zach’s aversion to sweets, I figured he would think any amount was a lot of sugar, and I didn’t give it another thought.

Until later in the day, when I was in the kitchen starting dinner. Eli was helping me cut some fruit.

“Hey mom, you know that yellow spoon in the sugar jar?”

“Yep,” I said. “But it’s not a spoon–it’s a measuring cup.”

“Well, I put two of those on my cereal this morning!”

That is a quarter-cup measuring cup. So he put HALF A CUP of sugar on ONE bowl of cereal???

I appreciated his honesty, and told him so, but the poor kid got quite the lecture on how bad that much sugar is for his body and a warning not to do that again.

Surprisingly, he wasn’t totally bouncing off the walls all day, and did a decent job on his schoolwork.

Yep. It’s like Calvin and Hobbes around here, for sure.

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  1. Sounds like the Eli I know, for sure! LOL This one brought smiles to my face!!!!!
    Love u all,

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