Where did I go wrong?

Whine. Gripe. Moan. Complain. Weep. Gnash teeth. (Repeat)

At what point, and how, did I teach my kids that these were acceptable responses to requests such as “Eat your beef stroganoff” or “Unload the dishwasher”??? Because they seem to be pretty convinced that it’s the only way to respond to something they don’t like.

I must’ve missed the memo that today was Complaining Day. Living with Zach today has been like living with Eeyore, squared. I am sooooo tired of it.

I remind them that they don’t always get their favorites for dinner, that starving kids around the world would be grateful for something that good to eat, that all of us have to help out for our household to run smoothly. All of this falls on deaf ears.

Most of the time my boys are pretty good, but when they get on these whining kicks, I want to buy them a one-way ticket to Siberia.