Life with Boys

The other night, I’d just finished reading the kids a story in my bed, when Zach started giggling. He asked if I’d noticed anything different in my bedroom. Judging by the mischevious expressions on both kids’ faces, I knew they’d been up to something.

I told him that I hadn’t, at which time he lifted my pillow and showed me this:

And I screamed, because I don’t like bugs and it didn’t immediately register that it was a plastic spider. The boys laughed until they cried.

Fast-forward two days, to yesterday, when I went to change the sheets. I picked up my pillow, and…

Yes, this time it was a plastic mouse and I couldn’t help cracking up. I don’t know what was funnier: their being sophisticated enough to pull pranks on their old ma, or the fact that I sleep so soundly that I never noticed (twice, mind you!) a hard plastic animal underneath my pillow!

Guess who’s NOT getting any new creepy creatures for Halloween this year???

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