Wanna rate your doctor?

Today, I’m working on two articles, both due Friday. When I’m writing, I always have a window open with something to putz around on when writer’s block hits (which is often, and fierce!). Usually, I have a game of Bookworm going over at www.popcap.com (fun site!). Today, I’m at  www.ratemds.com, a site where you can read reviews on doctors and leave your own comments. I just left a glowing one for my rheumatologist and can’t wait to leave less-than-stellar ones for other doctors who have been unprofessional with me in the past. (I am EEEEVIL!) 😈

I also found that this site is better than the phone book for finding names for fictional writing. How would you like to visit Dr. Bizzaro? I just have to write something where I’ve put Dr. Leakey, Dr. Dickensheets and Dr. Mahboob in the same practice. You just can’t make this stuff up!