Wake-up Call

I’m a night owl. So I’d only been asleep a few hours when today started off with a bang. I was dozing happily in La-La land when Donnie burst into the bedroom, threw my cell phone at me and said that my grandmother’s emergency response thing had called him. (You know, the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” pendant you see on commercials.)

She lives across the street from us, and my husband was out of the house before my feet hit the floor. I sat there a minute, heart pounding, queasy with fear, wondering if I should follow him over there or stay here with the kids (who were still sleeping). I held the phone, poised to call 911, all the while praying that she was OK.

And….she was. Donnie was back in a few minutes to say that she’d accidentally hit the button.  Praise the Lord that’s all it was, and that Donnie was teleworking today so he was home. But wow…not the best way to wake up in the morning!

I was pumping too much adrenaline to fall back to sleep, so I got up to write. Later on, I took a two hour nap! 😆