unSTOPable Jonah

My youngest, Jonah, is a very curious, investigative sort of boy.

He’s 3 and in love with numbers, letters, shapes and signs.

Our minivan is not just “the van.” It’s “95 van” because there’s a 95 in the license plate. His favorite shirt is “72 shirt” — a football jersey with that number on the front. Lightning McQueen is not called by his name, either — he is “95 car” and the Pull-Ups featuring him are “95 car diapers”.

And when we’re out walking, he has to stop and touch and talk about every single traffic sign we pass. Actually, going for a walk is referred to “Looking for S-T-O-P octagon signs.”

So when I saw these super-cute wall decals on Zulily, that coordinated so perfectly with his road-sign comforter, I just had to get them for Christmas.

Donnie put them up last night and I think they’re awesome!

Jonah does, too!

Jojo jumps for joy!

He used my phone to take a picture of the stop sign as I took a picture of him:

Silly boy!