Totally Random Thursdays

Thanks to my friend Alicia, I’m participating in a new meme this week. Check it out here and play along!

So…what random thoughts are tumbling around my cranium tonight? Donnie and I have been talking about one or both of us going back to school to get our bachelors degrees. Yeah, we’re crazy. But Donnie will lose his GI Bill benefit in a few years if he doesn’t take advantage of it. I think we went through too much during our years in the military (and yes, I say OUR years, because I was right there with him!) to just throw away such a huge benefit.

Figuring out how to fit that in to our already crazy schedules? I don’t know. I’m praying about it. If God wants him to do this, he’ll show us how to work it out.

I’m tossing around the idea of pursuing a degree in journalism or something else writing-related. I wonder if any credits from my art degree will transfer over? No rush, though. Jonah is still so little, and homeschooling the older boys is totally a full-time job. Since there’s no deadline for me to meet, I can wait until Donnie is finished with his degree.

And in a totally random, complete shift of gears, I wish we had some ice cream. It’s probably good that we don’t have any in the house, but a big fat scoop of mint chocolate chip would really hit the spot right about now…

I guess this picture will just have to do. Le sigh…