Top Ten Tuesday: Vacation!

Top Ten {Tuesday}

The ten most enjoyable things about being on vacation…

1. No work. No deadlines. None of that nonsense. Whee!

2. Sleeping in—every day. And taking naps, also every day—with no guilt!

3. My Mom cooking breakfast every day. I love a big, southern breakfast but rarely cook it for us. We’ve had eggs, grits, biscuits, sausage, bacon, the works. I daresay the boys and the hubs would say this is one of their favorite things, too.

4. Swimming to work off those breakfasts! In a lovely saline pool that doesn’t fry my hair like chlorine, and that has a zero-entry area that Jonah loves wading around in.

5. A sparkling turquoise sea, peach-colored sandy beach, swaying palm trees, clear blue sky and fluffy white clouds, all enjoyed from a top-floor balcony.

6. Sitting out on that balcony at night with my nine-year-old, the strong ocean breeze blowing back our hair, looking for shooting stars and talking about the wonders of God’s universe.

7. No nagging feeling that I should be doing something else (cleaning, organizing, yard work, lesson planning). All I have to do is relax.

8. An amazingly comfortable king-sized bed with high-thread-count cotton sheets. We really need a king-sized bed at home!

9. Catching up on reading—or at least trying to—from the comfort of a lounge chair under a poolside cabana.

10. Time to be with the family, and just BE.

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    1. We were at Marriott’s Ocean Pointe on Singer Island, near West Palm Beach, Florida. It was really beautiful and we had a wonderful time! 🙂 Feel free to jump in my luggage next time. LOL

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