Top Ten Tuesday: The Gatherer’s Greeting

I posted yesterday about how I’d let the grocery supply dwindle a bit more than usual this week. So last night, I headed out to Walmart to restock the pantry.

Normally, I am an anti-Walmart kind of girl. The one closest to my house is not very nice, but it’s the closest one-stop shopping. So when I need groceries and non-grocery stuff (like the headphones and t-shirts on last night’s list) and I am short on time, I go there anyway. I hate it, but it is what it is.

Oh, and to really go off on a tangent, let me share reason #857 that I hate this particular Walmart location—there are never enough cashiers! Two stinkin’ registers were open last night, and each had lines 6+ people long. And I lost the gamble and ended up stuck in the one with the slow-motion cashier who was totally immobilized by two price checks and a food stamp dispute with the people ahead of me. No joke, I waited in line 45 minutes to check out. Ridiculous.

ANYWAY…the fun part about shopping—besides getting out of the house alone—is bringing in the bags and seeing how excited my kids and hubby get over what I bought. And that is today’s Top Ten Tuesday—the ten items that they were happiest to see.

1. Ice cream cones! Ice cream is a staple at our house in the summertime pretty much always. But cones aren’t. So when I saw a box of 24 for $1, I thought it would be a fun treat for the kids. And I got two containers of Breyer’s ice cream to go in them. Another plus about using cones: portion control!

2. C-cell batteries. Jonah has this cool toy that I can only describe as a big block thing that holds other blocks. The hubs and the boys have been bugging me to buy batteries for it, and I finally did. Not sure which of my four boys is most excited about playing with it first.

3. Bananas. Yes, the lowly banana. Jonah has gotten really good at eating bananas like a big kid, or a monkey, and we’re all entertained by watching him. (Yeah, we don’t get out much.) Seriously, it is SO stinkin’ cute!

4. New earphones for the computer. We’ve all been sharing a set where the left side shorts out more often than not. One annoying problem solved for a mere five dollars!

5. Snickers Ice Cream Bars. Yeah, I already talked about ice cream…but it’s summer…you can’t have too much ice cream! Eli’s been begging me to get these for weeks, so he was thrilled that I bought them. But have mercy! He’s been bugging the heck out of me all morning to let him have one. Mean mama that I am, I’m saving them for dessert tonight. But only if they eat their broccoli first.

6. Cereal! I am always amazed by how much cereal these men in my life can consume. I’ve never been a big cereal-eater. But they’ve turned me into one of those moms with her grocery cart half-filled with boxes of cereal and jugs of milk (and toilet paper, but that’s another post). I got each of them their faves: Donnie—Golden Grahams, Zach—Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds, and Eli—Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It’s cute how happy they get over a simple box of cereal!

7. Cheese. We’re big cheese-eaters, too. Zach looked positively lost when I told him yesterday that we were out of cheese for his sandwich. (Hmmm. With all this cheese, ice cream and milk, maybe we should just buy a cow.)

8. Ramen Noodles. Ah, the love/hate relationship I have with ramen. It’s one of the easiest things for the kids to cook for themselves, and they love it. But nutritionally, ramen noodles are garbage.  So I’ve cut my purchasing of them by half. When this month’s ration is gone, it’s gone. So the kids always celebrate the restocking of their favorite cheap food.

9. Plain white t-shirts and a white onesie for Jonah. They’re for a 4th of July tie-dye craft Eli and I are looking forward to.

10. Chocolate cake mix, cocoa powder, powdered sugar and a Hershey’s bar: Chocolate cake for Father’s Day. OH yeah!

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