Not Me! Monday

Some mothers might put a baby into the Exersaucer for an hour just so that she can sip her coffee in peace while checking email and Facebook, but not me.

Nor would I ever tell my older boys on summer break that they must stay in the living room with said baby and keep handing him toys to make him happy when they would much rather be playing Xbox.

I also wouldn’t tell those boys to eat leftover donuts for breakfast, and when they complain about still being hungry, reply, “Hey have a glass of milk…and another donut!” Not this mom…well, not on any other morning but today.

Because I also didn’t let us run out of cereal and bagels and other breakfast staples, and won’t be making a mad dash out for groceries immediately after my husband gets home.

I have a maid that does the shopping.

(Oh, wait…that’s really NOT ME.)

And finally, I didn’t describe my new job as being one who researches crap then writes about it, prompting my husband to create this “official” sounding job title: Fecal Research Reporter.

(I did absolutely ROFL over that, though!)

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One reply on “Not Me! Monday”

  1. Well, all those zoologists and animal researchers have to examine fecal matter (they call it scat, LOL)…

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