Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Random Thoughts

Ok, so maybe these aren’t all that random. But they’re what’s on my mind lately.

1. Why does someone I love have to work for a total horses’ rear-end? I won’t name names for privacy reasons, but this person is a good, honest, hard worker who has been stuck with a new, know-it-all (but really knows-nothing) boss with little man syndrome and an axe to grind. Injustice against a loved one is one thing guaranteed to send my blood pressure through the roof, and this idiot boss’s latest action is so totally wrong.

May karma hit his dogma.

2. So, after my feel-good homeschooling posts of late, I just have to say: teaching the older two with Jonah underfoot is kicking my behind in a really big way. Still—as I told my mom the other day as she shared the latest news of a public school incident—it is easier for me than dealing with that. And they enjoy homeschooling, so it’s worth it.

3. My house. My house. My poor, neglected house. I will love on you again soon, I promise.

4. Summer, you can just get on up OUTTA here! I am sick, sick, sick of heat!

5. On a happier note, I love my iPhone.

6. Jonah is standing alone, cruising around the furniture and crawling like a maniac. Walking can’t be far away.

7. Eli still makes me laugh every single day and I hope that someday he realizes how grateful I am for that.

8. Zach is growing into such a fine young man. And yes, I know I’m prejudiced, but I am proud of what I’ve seen in him lately.

9. I have to write an article later explaining the story of Samson’s hair.

10. And now it’s time to teach the kids some U.S. history, so I’m outta here.

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