Top Ten Tuesday: New Blog Design!

Welcome to the new! Today’s Top Ten list is entitled:

Top Ten Reasons To Love My New Blog Design

10. It was designed by my dear hubby, who is a talented designer and techno whiz, and eternally patient with my multiple requests to “change this” and “tweak that.”

9. I have a LOGO. And it’s pretty! And it’s PINK. And my four guys are represented by precious little blue birds–I love birds! And the curves look like splashes that go with my tag line. It could not possibly be more perfect!

8. I have a tag line! A few weeks ago, my friend Alicia taught an amazing class on blogging and social networking. She mentioned how most successful bloggers use a tag line to define themselves. I immediately started brainstorming. It wasn’t easy because I write about so many different things. But I realized a common thread pops up in my work, and that is the fact that I’m the only girl in a house full of boys. It finally came to me: A splash of pink in a house of blue. Yep, that’s me!

7. I can add all those cool widgets and other things I saw on other people’s blogs but couldn’t put on my former design. Now I just have to learn HOW. (See #10–what a blessing to have married into the Geek Squad.)

6. My logo, with a few little modifications, will make a pretty nifty widget of its own. Which I will be begging you to add to your blog sometime in the near future.

5. Chocolate brown is one of the yummiest colors out there. It will subliminally lead my readers to seek out the soothing goodness of chocolate therapy. Most of my readers are moms, and all moms need a little chocolate.

4. I have a tag cloud! Yay! I’ve always loved that feature on other blogs. Downside? I have to go through 90-something pages of archives to get them all tagged properly. I should be finished by the time I’m 60.

3. Those little date boxes beside each post are just about the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Besides my kids, of course.

2. I think that having everything sectioned out makes it easier to read.

And the number one reason to love my new blog design?

1. I rarely get to surround myself with girly frou-frou things, so every time I log on, I smile!

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13 replies on “Top Ten Tuesday: New Blog Design!”

  1. I ADORE IT! It is super cute! Does your hubby take orders?!

    And the tagline is absolutely perfect! I still can’t think of a good one.

    Thanks for linking up!

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