Top Ten Tuesday: My Firsts

Top Ten {Tuesday}

I am tired this week, fighting the cold that my still-snotty-and-coughing Jonah gave me, and dealing with a 9-year-old with a sprained ankle. Creativity is feeling a bit sparse,  so I am swiping Amanda’s fun theme from last week: My Firsts!

1. First Car

A white 1983 Ford Escort with orange and red racing stripes and a red interior, handed down from my mom. Fancy, fancy!

2. First Boyfriend

A guy named Ricky. I met him at Six Flags. We broke up after one long summer in love, then dated sporadically for the next five years — basically, whenever one of us didn’t have any better options on the horizon. LOL

3. First Job

Babysitting. Then doing this weird thing Six Flags used to do where they’d let 16-year-olds come work on the weekends for cash. But my first real, cut-me-a-paycheck job was at Dairy Queen. Where I got in trouble for making my banana splits too big. And the fry cook used a big spatula to scrape chunks of grease off the walls around the fryer. SO gross!

4. First Time Out of the Country

When I went to visit Donnie in Scotland a few months before we got married. I was scared to death traveling that far alone. It didn’t help that the first leg of my flight, I was seated next to a Middle-Eastern man with a box on his lap. He said it was full of frozen fish. (Funny how lax security was back then compared to now!)

5. First Thing I Do In The Morning

Stumble out of bed and go get Jonah (if I’m lucky and he’s in his crib). Or, roll over and nurse him (if he’s already in bed with me).

6. First Time Online

I don’t remember exactly, but Donnie had his sister build us our first computer. She was a supposed computer geek and it was quite a while before we realized that she had way overcharged us for everything. I didn’t want Donnie to spend the money on a computer, so he did it behind my back, the lil’ sneak! But of course, I’m glad he did. I’ve eaten those, “But we don’t really need a computer, do we?” words SO many times….

7. First Online Person I Met In Real Life

I believe it was Karen O. We are still in touch!

8. First Tragedy I Remember

My dad’s near-fatal car accident when I was maybe 4 or 5. I remember visiting him in the hospital and being so worried that he would die.

9. First Grade Teacher

Mrs. Jordan! She was very old and smelled of cigarettes and coffee. My parents have a cassette tape they recorded of my lil’ southern self saying, “Mrs. Jordan smells like cigars and cawfeee.” They laughed for years over the fact that I said the lady smoked cigars instead of cigarettes!

10. First Top Ten Tuesday

I think this was it: Top 10 Reasons to Love Cloth Diapering!

3 replies on “Top Ten Tuesday: My Firsts”

  1. Was I really the first “online” person you met??? That’s awesome!!! And nearly 14 years ago too!!! Unfortunately, the “Klampetts” were my first online meeting. Do you remember that story? Oh how I wish I could find it – I’d be sure to share it all over again because it was so funny (although, not at the time). I met you shortly after and my husband kept threatening my life if you and Donnie were anything like the Klampetts! lol So glad you weren’t 😉

    My kiddos are all sick with the same crud and I feel like I’m coming down with it as well. No fun 🙁 Hope y’all feel better soon!

    1. Yep, you were my first! LOL I vaguely remember the Klampetts…I’d love for you to refresh my memory because they must’ve been truly terrible! LOL Hope all of you get better soon, too. Being sick in the springtime stinks! Love ya girl!

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