Top Ten Tuesday: Guess the Lie

I’m going to steal Amanda’s idea and post ten things I did last week, but one of them is a lie. One of them never happened. And you get to guess which one!  Post your answer in comments. You don’t get a prize if you’re right—unless you live nearby and then I might take you out for a coffee or something.  🙂

1. Wrote an article about the toxicity of lily pollen.

2. Did some public speaking.

3. Touched a dead person.

4. Trimmed my baby’s toenail—with my teeth.

5. Had someone other than my husband comment on my cleavage.

6. Ate an entire bag of wasabi-coated peanuts—in one sitting.

7. Tweezed a shard of broken glass out of my fingertip.

8. Forgot to be the tooth fairy two nights in a row.

9. Used an old metal cooking spoon as a back-scratcher.

10. Went up and down a mountain.

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7 replies on “Top Ten Tuesday: Guess the Lie”

  1. Sadly, all of these sound possible. The dead person creeps me out. The toenail with the teeth is squeamish but probable. The cleavage is just a sign of the times. And the metal spoon is probably something we all do. The lily pollen is too weird so it must be true. So, I’m gonna go w/#10…b/c after eating an entire bag of wasabi peanuts, I wouldn’t wanna climb a mountain.


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