And the Answer is…

…coming in just a second.

First, I have to say that it was a blast reading your Top Ten Tuesday guesses and the reasons behind them. But…none of you got it right. So I guess I won’t be taking anyone out for coffee. Bummer, that.

The correct answer is #4: Last week, I did NOT trim my baby’s toenail with my teeth.

That is not to say that I have never done that. I have. Jonah is such a light sleeper that I cannot trim his nails while he’s sleeping, like I did with the other two boys. One time, my sister was able to file his nails down and he dozed off while she did it. But other than that, it takes two of us to trim him up—one to hold him down and the other to cut the nails. So if I see one that needs a quick trim, sometimes I’ll nibble it off while we’re playing. I know—it’s kinda gross. But we moms, we do whatever it takes.

So…this means that I did eat an entire package of Wasabi peanuts (only 4 oz. but still…), got a shard of glass stuck in my finger when cleaning up a cup Eli broke, and I rode up and down a mountain when my grandmother was buried in her family cemetery in Sand Mountain, Alabama. And as I’m sure you’ve guessed, that also accounts for my touching a dead person, and the public speaking, as I read a tribute to her at her funeral.

I was horrible, awful and neglectful enough to forget to be the tooth fairy TWO nights in a row (poor Eli!) and that spoon-as-back-scratcher thing? Oh wow…you just need to go to Goodwill and get a kitchen spoon to use for that purpose. Much better than products designed for back-scratching.

The toxic lily pollen article was for an eHow feature, and if you have cats you should know that all parts of the lily are poisonous to cats. They are poisoned when they chew on the plants, or get the pollen on their fur and lick it off during grooming. It can cause acute renal failure and many cats don’t make it even with aggressive treatment.

And I’m not going to elaborate on the cleavage incident. Let’s just say I was mort.i.fied. Simply mortified.

Thanks for playing! And have a happy Wednesday!