Top Ten Tuesday: Dumb Mommy Moments

Yes, it’s been a week where mommy-brain dominated and I made some stupid mistakes/oversights/decisions. Here are the top ten blunders I’ve made over the past seven days.

10. Waiting til the last minute to tag my 100+ items for an upcoming consignment sale. If it hadn’t been for my mom’s  and hubby’s help, I wouldn’t have made the deadline. If I’d have started earlier, I could’ve tagged and sold a whole lot more stuff. Oh well—there’s always next time.

9. Volunteering to work putting out the consignment sale items in an un-air-conditioned warehouse when it’s 95 degrees out. Wanna know how much I sweated? (Sure you do!)  I drank close to 2 quarts of water over that four hour work shift and didn’t have to find a bathroom. Not once. I don’t know that’s ever happened to me before.

8. And in a related item: assuming that it wouldn’t still be so stinkin’ HOT this late in September! Summer has GOT to go. I am beyond sick of the heat. It makes me grumpy. Grrrr!

7. And in yet another related item: thinking that because my family knew I was slaving away in a hot warehouse I’d come home to, at the very least, a clean kitchen and dining room. The dishes were done—the ones that made it into the kitchen, that is. Everything else was a total disaster.

6. Ignoring Eli’s announcement that Jonah had pooped yesterday afternoon. The baby had already “made me a present” earlier that day, and Zach and Eli sometimes use the dirty-diaper alert as a tactic to get out of watching their little brother while I’m busy. Since I didn’t smell anything, I assumed they were doing that. I was wrong. And my poor little stealth-pooper has had a sore red bum for two days. Bad mommy. BAD!

5. Not checking in with my friends before setting a date for Jonah’s first birthday party. Several of the families can’t make it and I’m disappointed. (insert frown)

4. Wasting a half-hour of my life watching “Kate Plus 8.” Why is that show even still on?

3. Not giving myself a pedicure when I had the time over the weekend. My feet look like they belong to the Wicked Witch of the West. Or perhaps they resemble the talons on a dehydrated hawk? (Of course if the weather weren’t still like JULY instead of late September, no one would see my feet because I wouldn’t need to wear my dumb flip-flops anymore!)

2. Letting the cloth diaper pail sit an extra day before washing. Oh wow. ‘Nuff said.

1. Not realizing my baby was teething! He’s already gotten all four incisors on the top and bottom, eight teeth total, and I thought he’d have a break before anything else came in. Tonight the poor lad was banging his head against the wall, and I looked up an article about that. Turns out that sometimes they’ll do it to help alleviate pain from teething or an ear ache. When I read that, I looked up the order that teeth come in. Turns out that the first set of molars usually come in around the first birthday! He’s been waking at night again, chewing on two fingers, drooling, nipping while nursing and yet his poor mother didn’t realize what was going on til he banged his head against the wall on purpose. Poor kid. Guess who got a dose of baby Motrin before bed tonight?

Here’s hoping I’ll be a little more “with it” next week!

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  1. Comforting to know that we all make mistakes…sometimes the same mistakes…and that's ok!! I'm laughing with you…

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