Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Things I Love

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Only time for a quickie top ten list this week: Ten Things that popped into my mind when I thought about things I love!

1. My amazing, all-loving, all-powerful God.

2. My stubborn, loves-his-kids, faithful husband.

3. My precious, smart, loving children.

4. My big fat snuggle buddy of a cat, Max.

5. My vicious, wimpy, funny dog, Annie.

6. Lovely, crunchy, warmly colorful fall leaves.

7. Trading candy with my boys from their Halloween stash.

8. Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

9. Friends. What would I do without them?

10. Moments of solitude.

(And no, I didn’t mean to rank friends below leaves, candy and coffee—I typed as things popped into my mind, and I just so happened to be drinking some pumpkin spice coffee as I looked out my window and Eli asked if I’d trade a lime Tootsie Roll for a chocolate one! LOL)

Make your own Top Ten list and share it here.