Top Ten Tuesday: 10 New Year’s Intentions

I can’t call them resolutions. I just can’t.

For previously, I have left too many resolutions, unresolved, resulting in an inclination not to make resolutions. But what is January without a few goals thrown out there for good measure? Here are my top ten intentions, inclinations, wishes, pipe-dreams — whatever you want to call them — for 2011.

(I will try not to use them to pave the road to Hades.)

10. Lose 50 pounds. It always starts with weight loss, doesn’t it? Seriously, I need to do this. I need to lose more than 50 pounds, but 50 isĀ  a start. So far, the best results I’ve had is with The Lord’s Table. My weight issues stem from two reasons: PCOS and a boat-load of food issues that started early in childhood. I’m on medication to help with the first issue. The Lord’s Table truly helps me give the rest over to God.

9. Exercise. I’m trying to see exercise as something my body was created to do, something as necessary as sleeping or bathing, instead of this dreaded, impotent tool in the weight loss game as it’s been for most of my life. (Exercise does help PCOS, to a degree, for some women, but like many other women with the disorder, it never, ever helped me lose weight in the past, no matter how seriously I kept to a routine.) So I’m really trying to separate weight loss from exercising, focusing on the other health benefits of moving and not expecting to lose any weight because of it. And can I just say that mentally, that’s kind of hard to do, when all you hear is that if you eat less and move more, you’ll be thin! OH if it were only that simple for everyone…

8. Re-embrace the FlyLady’s routines to keep this house in order. Heaven knows I could elaborate on this one all day long, but I’ll spare you.

7. At least start the manuscripts for a couple of book ideas that have been brewing in my mind for a while now.

6. Do what my friend Brian keeps suggesting, and just outright contact the editor of a favorite women’s magazine (you know, one of the publications that say they will not accept work from authors not already nationally published on a regular basis), attach my best excerpt and see what happens. This is how he has gotten his best writing gigs — and that encourages me!

5. Give my husband the attention he deserves. Since Jonah’s been born, I feel like I’ve been totally consumed with the kids. Our marriage — and dates, meaningful conversations, time alone — have been on the back burner for far too long. God blessed me with a great guy — he deserves a heck of a lot moreĀ  than I give him.

4. Plan monthly menus and stick to them when grocery shopping. I saved us a bundle this payday by doing just that, and planning meals to include items that have been in the pantry or freezer a while.

3. Be a more patient teacher with my young students.

2. Work on the kids’ scrapbooks at least once a month. If I don’t start doing this now, I will never catch up!

And the number one good intention for 2011?

1. Spend more time in prayer, be more faithful in my church attendance, and just overall be more mindful of God and appreciative of his blessings.

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3 replies on “Top Ten Tuesday: 10 New Year’s Intentions”

  1. You make me laugh SuperMom! I love your articles & am going to introduce them to my friends! Wishing you the best on the Top 10! I'm with you all the way!

  2. Great list my friend! I am going to check out The Lord's Table. I would love to lose weight, but it scares me. I have some deepseated food issues too. I know they need to be addressed. But I really don't want to deal with it. So thanks for the link!

  3. Sis, I absolutely LOVED this list! I busted out laughing on more than 1 occasion, irritating the men I'm surrounded by here at Starbucks…which is nice, since it's been the only time in years that I've been surrounded by men…not that any of them are even remotely interesting…but I digress. Seriously, though, thanks for sharing. You and I share many of the same goes for this year. May the Lord empower us to do His will. I love you and thank you for your inspiration!

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