The heart of Uganda

Look at those beautiful faces, so full of joy.

You wouldn’t know that each of them has experienced more loss and pain than most Americans ten times their ages. They’ve known not just what it’s like to miss a meal, but the painful gnaw of hunger from going days on end without food. They know what it’s like to battle illness daily, to see their siblings and parents suffer from body-ravaging diseases most of us never face. They lack access to medical care that could alleviate their suffering.

Sadly, they all know what it’s like to lose one or both of their parents to death.

And still, they smile.

Through connections orchestrated by God himself, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know these children and the one who looks out for them, Pastor Ronald Lufafa. He has a heart as big as Africa and has dedicated his life to doing all he can to help the widows and orphans in his community. I want you to get to know them, too. So please take a few minutes to visit the website we had the pleasure of helping them create: Blood of Jesus Ministries-Uganda.

We’re going to celebrate Thanksgiving next week, and then the busy Christmas season is full-force upon us. I lamented to some friends recently about how there are so many needs being presented to me, so many good causes worthy of financial support at this time of year, and yet I cannot contribute to all of them because my own resources are limited.

So part of me feels guilty about presenting to you yet another need when I know I cannot be the only one feeling a bit squeezed in this economy.

However…(there’s always a however, isn’t there?) these precious people have stolen my heart, and their need for support is so great. I wouldn’t be faithful to myself if I didn’t tell you about them and ask you to find a way to help reach out to these beautiful kids and Pastor Ronald…even if it’s not until January or later that you can do something.

Even if all you can do at this time is pray.

Because in 2012, they will still be there. These children will still have physical and spiritual needs that you and I can prayerfully help Pastor Ronald to meet. I’d love nothing more than to see several churches around this nation “adopt” this ministry and fall in love with them the way that my family has.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to organize a missions trip to go build that house they so desperately need? Or raise enough money that the 25 of them could enjoy food security, something they’ve never experienced before? Wouldn’t it be great if Pastor Ronald could mark every item off of his “The Way Forward” list and become self-sufficient in a country where that isn’t always possible?

Ephesians 3:20-21 says, “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”

I believe in a God who has shown me His faithfulness in doing “exceedingly abundantly above” all that I’ve asked or even dreamed of. But one incredible thing about that verse lies right in its middle: “According to the power that works in us…”

It’s His power, but it works through us. It’s His will that his children’s needs are met. But we are the hands and feet that do the work; through Him, we make it happen.

Isn’t our God big enough to meet all of this ministry’s needs, and more?

I say He is.

And now that you know, what say you?