The Funny Gene Lives On

I am so glad that my boys inherited what my sister and I call “The Funny Gene.”  It makes life ever so entertaining!

Just now, my oldest son, Zach was searching for the can opener so he could have lunch. (Yes, I am a mean, mean mama who most of the time, encourages her kids to make their own breakfasts and lunches. I’ve quoted this a dozen times and I’ll do it again: “A good parent does nothing for their child that the child is capable of doing for himself.” ~ John Rosemond, parenting expert.)

Anyway, Zach finally found the can opener and when he clicked it onto the lid of Beefaroni (yeah, sometimes those self-made lunches don’t win many awards for good nutrition), he put on this hilarious animated voice and spoke for the can.

“No! No! Don’t open me! Don’t eat me!” And as he cranked open the lid, the “can” wailed, ” Curse you, Zachary Apted!!!”

Maybe you had to be here, or maybe I’m just silly-tired from yet another restless night, but holy cow, that made me laugh!

I know I often end up blogging more about Eli’s antics, simply because they are much more frequent and outlandish. But Zach, he can definitely hold his own when it comes to being funny. I sure do love my goofy boys!

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  1. Aww haha, im so late at reading these, but zach told me you had a blog and i seen it as an opportunity to see how his life was as a kid and Oh my go, he is so adorable and silly xD just like now(sometimes :p)

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