Thankful Thursday

Today, I am thankful for my two beautiful sisters, Ninnah and Cherie.

I just hung up with my little sister Cherie, and I swear we laughed more than we talked. Maybe it was sharing a room when we were growing up, but we share an odd sense of humor that has gotten us both through some rough times in life. I sent her a Flair button on Facebook the other day that said, “I hope you know that oftentimes, you and I are the only ones who think each other’s funny.” That is definitely true of our relationship. We can be falling over, laughing so hard we can’t breathe, and those around us have no idea what the joke is all about. My dad used to always say, “All you two do is giggle!” It’s still true today, and I hope it’s still true when we’re in our 80’s, giving the nursing home staff a hard time.

(We three girls with our lovely Mom!)

My sister Ninnah is the oldest of the three of us, and has always been more serious. The poor thing was always the “straight man” to my and Cherie’s comedic tricks. But she’s mellowed out so much as we’ve grown older, and when the three of us get together–look out! You can find us by the laughter. Ninnah is the ultimate girly-girl, the sister to go to for decorating or fashion advice, the one I’m most likely to go get a pedicure with. When she lets loose, it’s twice as funny as when anyone else does it, because she works so hard to project an image of elegance and sophistication.

I truly cherish every minute we three sisters get to spend together. With our crazy schedules at this phase of life, it’s hard to make that happen more than a few times a year. So when it does happen, that time is golden. I try not to let anything interfere with it, and I’m thankful for a loving husband who understands and respects the time I need to just be with my girls.

Thank you, God, for my precious, wonderful sisters.

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.  A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” ~Ecclesiastes 4:12

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6 replies on “Thankful Thursday”

  1. I shared a room with my sister growing up too. I’m a lot younger. People don’t have their kids share rooms much these days (at least not around where we live). It’s nice to have your own room I guess, but I think the kids miss out on getting those really special memories like that ones I have with my sister from late night chats, and stuff. My 3 kids are all inthe same room right now, and they love it so much. I couldn’t bare to separate them just yet, but I know the time will come when I need to put the boys in their own room. But right now they are bonding in their shared room.

  2. How neat to see these picture of you and your sisters who clearly love one another and have lots of fun! It was especially fun seeing when you were little and now that you are adults. 🙂

  3. That’s such a great story. I grew up with three sisters, though I am now down to just two. We laugh a lot too, and apparently we have this ability to all be talking at the same time and still follow each other’s conversations. It really freaked a man in an elevator out one time. Sister bonds are truly unique; I’m glad you have your girls. When we finally get to go out someday, remind me to tell you the battery acid story, the culmination of events following got me my own room…..finally.

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