Something new: the Saturday Six

You know how it is in Blog Land…you stumble across someone’s blog and have no idea how you got there, but you end up enjoying what you find. I landed on Patrick’s Place the other day and thought I’d play along with his Saturday Six meme this week. This “either or” format will give you a little insight into why I’m so fickle and struggle with making firm decisions.

Why don’t you join in the fun, too?

1. East coast or West coast…and why?

Ideally, I’d be a jet-setting famous writer with an antebellum mansion in Georgia, and a summer home in San Francisco. (Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?) I’ve been fortunate enough to travel quite a lot, and there is much to love about both coasts. For now, I’ll have to cast my vote for the East coast, because our families are here and this is what we are most familiar with. But I will never rule out the possibility of moving to Northern California someday.

2. Painting or photo…and why?

Both. I’m an artist and a photographer. Taking photos and editing them creatively is such fun, but so is sitting down in front of a blank canvas with a fully-loaded palette. I will say this: though I appreciate the talent required to draw or paint in such fine detail that the final piece is mistaken for a photograph, I’m not drawn (Ha! Get it? Drawn?) to that style of art. I want a painting to look like a painting, ya know?

3. Coke or Pepsi…and why?

Ok, I can be firm in my answer to this one. Coke! (Though I do prefer diet Pepsi to diet Coke, and Sierra Mist to Sprite, by a very slight margin…)

4. PC or Mac…and why?

PC, just because that’s what we have at the moment. I’d really like to make the switch to Mac someday, though.

5. Shower or bath…and why?

Shower, but O how I long to have a decent soaking tub again someday!

6. Paper or plastic…and why?

Paper, if I can get it. Seems the only place we can get paper bags anymore is at the Ft. Gillem commissary. Then again, with another child in diapers, those plastic bags come in handy for tying up the little stink-bombs he makes when we’re out and about. (We cloth diaper at home!) I’d like to get on the reusable bag bandwagon, but I keep forgetting to put the ones I own into my minivan.

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