Under the Sea

Hotlanta is even “hotter under the water” this week as Broadway in Atlanta presents The Little Mermaid at the Fabulous Fox Theater.


We had the privilege of attending opening night on Tuesday and — WOW! My sister and I agreed — it was the best Broadway show we’d ever seen.

I can’t think of one negative thing to say about it. Which is rare for me, because you know I’m going to tell it like it is. (See my review of Evita — two hours of my life that I wish I could reclaim.)

But The Little Mermaid enthralled us all, from beginning to end. It was simply fantastic. Sebastian was my favorite character, injecting humor at all the right places — and his performance of “Under the Sea” was the highlight of the night. I wish I had more pictures to show you because the costumes in that scene alone were so gloriously gorgeous they’d knock your flippers off. (I think I might’ve gasped when the jellyfish came out.)

Another thing that made it such a special night is that I got to spend it with my two awesome 12-year-olds, and it was Violet’s first time experiencing the theater. She loved it — and was totally wowed by The Fox, as most people are when they first visit. (It took some work to convince her that the twinkling stars over the balcony were not the real sky above!)


Fox Collage

To keep this post from going on and on and on, I’ll do a simple word association to summarize my opinion of The Little Mermaid:

Sets: Stunning

Actors: Amazing

Voices: Enthralling

Costumes: Exquisite

Songs: Enchanting

Humor: Engaging

Story: Delightfully Disney-esque


If you can possibly go this week, then you must go. I can’t imagine you’d regret it!

(Picture of Ariel from Broadway in Atlanta)