Saturday Nine

1. Do you listen to music at work, and if so, do you use a mp3 player, play it through your office computer, or do you listen to it collectively via a separate radio you keep nearby?

I only work from home, but I listen to or other music through my headphones. Seeing me wearing them is supposed to be a HINT to my kids that I’m working and they should take all concerns to Daddy. However, this rarely works the way I want it to.

2. Tell us something about people that you absolutely hate.

Users. People who use other people and never see it, even when it’s brought to their attention. Which is a sign of narcissism. So maybe it’s narcissists I actually hate?

3. What is something someone has done that you’d like the world to know about?

My husband fixed two totally separate (significant) problems on his car and my sister’s netbook computer, all in one day. He rocks like that. My MacGyver.

4. Where is your favorite place to sit when at home?

Kicked back in my big, comfy recliner.

5. How did you come up with the title of your blog?

My friend, Alicia, taught my writers’ group about social media and suggested creating a tag line for one’s blog. I thought about ways to say that I’m the only woman in a house full of guys, and after a few minutes, “A Splash of Pink in a House of Blue” came to me. It fits!

6. Tell us about the one who got away.

Oh, there was more than one who got away. Funny how heartbroken I was at the end of those relationships, but now I can see how clearly wrong those guys would’ve been for me, long-term.  I guarantee I’d be divorced now, perhaps more than once, if I’d married any of those men.

7. Have you ever had a big birthday party?

I’ve never had a really big one thrown for me, no.

8. What was the biggest bash you’ve ever attended?

The book release party and book signing for Operation Homecoming at the Library of Congress. Meeting dignitaries and signing a book for Laura Bush’s personal library? Most definitely one of my coolest memories, ever.

9. With my kids and an always changing life, I find myself sometimes unable to focus! Do you have that problem, too?

Huh? Did somebody ask me something?

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  1. Great answers! I feel the same about the “ones that got away.” Thank goodness they did (or I did) because none of them come close to the man I married! Have a great weekend!

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