Post-baby Saturdays


Sometimes I wonder what we did with our free time before this baby arrived. There are never, ever enough hours in the day anymore, and oddly enough, sometimes I feel that most on the weekends when Donnie is home.

We’re still trying to dig out from under the accumulated mess of basically a whole year of Mama not doing what she usually does around here. I found out I was pregnant in late January, and shortly after was on limited activity due to morning sickness and to help prevent another miscarriage. I had a few weeks in the early second trimester where I had no limitations, but soon began having preterm labor symptoms that kept me laying low for the remainder of the pregnancy.

I’ve written about the issues I had after the c-section, and it definitely took longer to recover physically after a surgical birth. And now—though I am NOT complaining because I’m super-happy that Jonah is breastfeeding better—I spend much of the day sitting and nursing him. He doesn’t like the swing, or the sling, or the bouncy seat for more than five minutes at a time. So somebody is holding him most of the day, and he even sleeps with us at night.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the cuddle-time. It passes so quickly. Soon we’ll begin transitioning him to his crib, and before I know it, he’ll be crawling and exploring and will be too busy to be held for long.

Anyway. Saturdays. I mentally compose this overly-optimistic to-do list all week long, of all the things we’re going to accomplish the next weekend. And then when it arrives, we get maybe 10% done. If we’re lucky.

Today, we need to: put the Halloween decorations away, put out a few of my Thanksgiving things, clean/declutter the bar and kitchen counters (it slays me how fast the paper clutter piles up on those areas!), clean the bathrooms, do laundry, empty, scrub and refill the litter boxes, plan menus for the next two weeks—including Thanksgiving, make a grocery list and do the shopping, sweep and vacuum, have the boys clean their room, and it would be wonderful if Donnie would spend at least an hour tackling the insane amount of stuff that has built up on our carport.

So why am I wasting time sitting here, blogging? Well…I had to sit somewhere while eating breakfast. 🙂 Jonah is napping on Daddy’s chest while he and the boys watch a recorded episode of “Ben 10”, so I can actually type two-handed at the moment. But I just finished the last sip of coffee, so I better log off and get busy before my cutie wakes up for another feeding.