Playing in the Rain

One thing I love about homeschooling is that we don’t have to miss impromptu opportunities to have fun.

Earlier, it started raining right when we got home. It was a fairly gentle rain, with no thunder or lightning, so when Eli begged me to let them play in the rain, I couldn’t resist.

They wanted the umbrella, and when Eli opened it, Jonah immediately recognized it as an octagon. (He’s obsessed with shapes lately, mainly octagons and triangles.)

If I had a dollar for every time Jonah gleefully yelled, “It’s raining! It’s raining!” I could take all of us out for a nice steak dinner.

Or, fill the gas tank on the minivan…but I digress.

Two hours later, my hair is still drying. We had so much fun! I didn’t want the camera to get wet, so I missed a lot of the most fun pics, like the boys jumping with both feet into the big puddles in the road.

But I think these happy faces show what a good time they had.

You can see rain dripping off Jonah’s ear and water on Eli’s face.

I love making memories with my boys!