One of THOSE days


So if I were a baby tonight, this would be me.

I am just in the mood to throw a good, old-fashioned tantrum, kicking, crying, wailing-til-I-get-the-hiccups just to get it all out. Maybe I should lock myself in the bedroom and do that anyway, after the kids are asleep?

I can’t even begin talking about everything that’s going wrong without crying and at the moment, I am just tired of wavering on the verge of tears, so…I’ll pass.

Oh man, I can’t believe this. The phone just rang and it’s someone I haven’t heard from in ages (thankfully) who only calls to try to dig up family gossip so she can use it against everyone later on. And she calls today, the rotten cherry on top of a strikingly annoying day. Thank goodness we have caller ID and I didn’t actually have to speak to her.

(How did we live before caller ID?)

And thank the Lord that every day is new, with no mistakes in it, because I’m already looking forward to tomorrow morning. It HAS to be better than today.

4 replies on “One of THOSE days”

  1. Well, I hope tomorrow will be a much better day since you are going to see me :o) You know it’s all about me right? You are going to see me tomorrow aren’t you? I promise I’ll listen to that temper tantrum. I understand. I’ve been known to throw a few in my time!

    1. Thanks, Alicia! Yes, it is BOUND to be a better day when you are in it! The boys and I are really looking forward to seeing y’all! And I’ll try to spare you from my tantrum, though I can’t promise I won’t whine a little bit. 🙂

  2. I blame a lot on solar flares… don’t know why, just my quirky way of dealing with the bird poop of life that lands on the top of your head. Must have been a solar flare day… I had a good throw my sucker in the dirt hissy fit yesterday.

    Just take a deep breath, get in your best Scarlett O’Hara stance… And think about it tomorrow!

    1. Thanks, Rhonda! Know what? I threw my little hissy fit last night and I feel much better today! LOL Maybe it was something in the environment…I heard from someone else who had a really rotten day. Hugs to you!

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