Munchkin Gets a Marker

Ah, the chaos in my life increased ten-fold when little Jonah learned how to take caps off things. All in the course of one week, he opened and poured out his bottle, marched through the house with an open juice jug, opened a bottle of pale pink nail polish and brought it to me with the wand clasped in his little fist, and finally—the topic of today’s post: what happened when he got the cap off a black marker.

Just look at those big, guilty eyes…

He sucked on the nib…ewww!…

Colored his clothes…

Colored his legs…and hands….

But, behold: Jonah’s pièce de résistance—the dishwasher!

You should’ve heard how loudly we gasped when we discovered what he’d done. And the thing is, we were watching him! Or, we thought we were…we were right in the next room and he was out of sight for maybe two minutes, tops.

Thank the Lord for washable Crayola markers. I would still be crying if he’d used a Sharpie.

Life is never, ever dull when there’s a toddler in the house!

P.S. Guess who left the marker out where he could get it? ME! I’d used it to mark one of Zach’s assignments and left it on the end table. So it’s nobody’s fault but mine. Sigh!

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  1. At least it was WASHABLE!!! Love the “Day in the Life of Kari” stories! I’ve been there, done that with the markers (and crayons, too!)
    Love to you all!

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