Mellow Yellow Monday

There are a few splashes of yellow in this photo of my crazy monkey at lunchtime last week: the folded placemat in the corner, the toy clock in the background, and of course, the little dish on the table.

It was full of chopped peaches, but as you can see, my little fruit-lover ate all of them first. Then he turned the bowl over and slammed it down, like a satisfied drunk slamming his empty shot glass down on the bar.

And don’t you love his cow-print cloth diaper? I do, too!

For more photographs featuring the Monday-brightening color yellow, click here.

3 replies on “Mellow Yellow Monday”

  1. You go girl! I am so proud of you using cloth diapers. You are doing you child a big favor and the environment, too. The cow print is just too cute, and that grin on his face is precious. Such a sweet post this week. Genie

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