Little Prayer Warrior

Jonah’s latest thing is to come up to me or Donnie and ask us to pray.

He grabs our hand and says, “Pway?” and then either we say a short prayer, or he says something like, “Tank yew….(jibber-jabber)….in Jees’ name. Amem!”

And then he smiles and runs off to play.

Melts my heart!

One day, he had one of Zach’s little Nerf gun pistols and asked me to pray with him. After we prayed, he started making shooting noises and ran off after his brothers. He came back three or four times, to reload on prayer before running off to shoot them. That was seriously funny! Makes you wonder if he’s already caught on that he might need a little divine intervention to keep up with the big boys.

Tonight he climbed up on my lap and gave me three little kisses, all with a very serious expression on his face. Then he hopped down.

I said, “Aww! I love you, Jojo!”

And he called out, “Tank yew! You welcome!”

The preciousness of this stage of life cannot possibly be overstated.

I am so stinkin’ blessed…