Oh dear. We’ve suspected that our master bathroom shower might be leaking into the wall. Donnie went under the house today and sure enough—there’s a pond under that corner of the house. The wood is all moldy and soggy. Nice. Because this is an older home, the bathroom walls are tiled halfway up, and the shower (walls, floor, everything) is tiled. So the only way to replace the shower is to rip out the whole bathroom and start over again.

Which, really, is fine with me. I hate living in the midst of renovation, but I love the idea of a new bathroom. I want a Roman, Greek or Japanese soaking tub  so badly! Doesn’t the idea of soaking in warm water all the way up to your neck sound wonderful?

Anyone know where to get a deal on one of these? I’m looking on Craigslist but haven’t had any luck so far. Let me know if you find a deal. I am so sore and achy tonight from lots of walking, teaching and shopping. A deep hot bath would be glorious on nights like this!