Latest Jonahisms

Because parenting can be so utterly exhausting and exasperating, people with kids often wonder why we sign up for it.

And they really don’t get why we sign up for it multiple times after we find out for ourselves how draining it can be!

Well, I’m here to tell you: the laughs just can’t be beat. (The love, either, but that’s another post.)

Recent conversations with this newly-turned-six-year-old….


Donnie (to eldest teen): “No, your friend may NOT wash his car at our house after you wash yours. Water is money.”

Jonah scolded: “Yeah, Zach. Water is money. It’s like…10,000 dollars!” (Has he been opening our water bills?)


Later in the day….Jonah wanted Zach to help him microwave some chicken nuggets. Older brother insisted that they use the bag that had already been opened instead of opening the new bag Jonah was clutching. Little brother is a highly articulate Aspie who doesn’t like detouring off his self-made plans. I asked why all the ranting and raving. Jonah stomped into the living room and muttered like an old man…

“That Zach. He’s just being absolutely ridiculous.”


A few nights ago, before bed…a pajama-clad Jonah came into the living room, holding his bible.

“Can we read this book before bed?”

“Sure, buddy.”

“It’s a really LONG book!” he warned.

“Ha! We’re not going to read ALL of it. Just part.”

“Oh…” (Nice try, kiddo.)


And lately, he has been asking so many questions about God.

“Does God have a beard? How did God get his name? Why does he live in heaven? How can God be in heaven and here at the same time? Who was God’s mom?”

The kid makes Donnie and I wish at least one of us had a degree in theology!