Introducing the Johawk

The latest trend in baby boy hairstyles: The Johawk!

Everywhere we go, we get comments on Jonah’s hair, everything from “Look at all that hair!” and “Look at the baby with the Mohawk!” to “What did you put in his hair to make it stand up like that?”

We haven’t done anything to make it crazy like that. It’s just what the Good Lord gave him. And me. Here’s one of my baby pictures:

I used to ask my mom why she did that to my hair when I was little, and she swore she didn’t do anything, that it just grew that way. I never really believed her until I had Jonah. And now it just cracks me up to have a child who inherited my crazy hair.

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  1. SOOOOOOO SWEET!!! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Miss you all!

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