Holy cow, a carrot!

Eli actually ate a raw baby carrot for the first time tonight. Then he went really crazy and devoured another. Then he asked for some ranch dressing to dip them in. All total, he ate four or five baby carrots.

If you’ve never had a picky eater, you probably think I’m nuts for being so overjoyed! (Most of you probably question my sanity, regardless!) Donnie and I have both always loved raw fruits and veggies, but our sons just never got into them. For Zach, I think it’s a texture thing coupled with a quick gag reflex. (He does fine with cooked vegetables.) In Eli’s case, who knows? Maybe a little of the same. Eli has such a huge sweet tooth that it’s always cause for celebration when he falls in love with a healthy snack.

I guess it’s true…if you just keep exposing them to it, eventually they’ll give it a try. Then again, ten years of that with Zach and he’s still never made it past one miniscule bite of anything raw. 😕