Friday Fill-ins

1. I see that next week’s American Idol should be renamed “Country Idol” or as another friend called it, “Pop Goes the Country”! LOL

2. Itchin’ for a scratch. (Anyone else remember this song? LOL)

3. They begin getting restless this time of year. Kids, that is, as the summer approaches!

4. Often, when Jonah makes certain expressions, I see his brothers, so many years earlier.

5. This I know: something smells funny in this house and I can’t locate the source. That is never a good thing…Oh I hope nothing died in the fireplace…

6. We had pizza for dinner. Nom nom nom!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to catching up on some work, tomorrow my plans include more work and cleaning up this frightfully messy house and Sunday, I want to go to church, have fun doing some belly painting, then relax and/or finish up any remaining writing!

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