Friday Fill-Ins

1. On vacation, I like to sleep in, eat, drink, play and other than that, do as little as possible.

2. I am not hugely fond of swimming in the ocean. Thar’s critters out thar…with teeth!

3. One of my favorite vacation spots is one I’ll be enjoying soon, the beach on Singer Island, near West Palm Beach.

4. I hope that while I’m at the beach, I can have a little romantic time with the hubs under a full moon.

5. Up, up and away all you annoying people! (Not YOU, my readers, but a collective “you” comprised of all the irritating folks I’ve encountered this week. And yes, there have been more than a few!)

6. Bananas are Jonah’s favorite food.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to homemade pizza–and yes, I write that nearly every week but our pizza is awesome!, tomorrow my plans include taking Eli to a friend’s birthday party and having a belated Father’s Day cookout with my dad, who will be in town, and Sunday, I want to bake a cake to take to a cookout at our pastor’s house that night!

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