We got a glimpse of Jonah’s budding personality last night.

Let me preface this by telling you that Jonah loves his food. I mean, this baby loves to eat. He’s ten months old and eating way more table food than my other two did at this age. He eats his baby food and wants whatever we’re having, too. The kid can eat.

Last night, we didn’t have dinner until Eli and I got home from VBS. That was later than we usually eat, so Donnie had already fed Jonah his dinner while I was gone.

So we put Jonah in his walker, and he was in it beside me, munching on a rice cracker. I offered Eli a bite of my chicken, and when Jonah saw me spoon-feeding Eli—and not HIM—he stood up straight in that walker, pumped his fist into the air, turned beet red and SCREAMED.

Wow. Kinda scary to be stunned by a 10-month-old’s temper.

But then we all cracked up laughing. It was just too funny a sight, that little bitty boy so fully, physically, with every ounce of his being overflowing with anger over missing a bite of food.

Y’all go pray for me now, you hear?