I just got back from grocery shopping. We get paid twice a month, and except for milk and fresh produce, I buy enough each payday to last ’til the next one. But holy cow, is it expensive to feed a family these days! I do what I can to cut corners…use coupons, cook most everything from scratch (even our bread), try to double up coupons and sales. Still, it’s hard to get out of there without going over what I intended to spend. (Tonight I went nearly $30 over…and I didn’t even get everything on the list!)

I went to Aldi first, for a few staples. I was really surprised to see how much their prices have risen since the last time I went. They’re still a better deal on lots of things, though. It used to be that I’d go to the commissary when I could, but that was before gas cost an arm and a leg, negating any savings.

You’ll notice a few frugal links in my “Favorite Peeps” bar to the right, sites like Hillbilly Housewife  and TipNut. They’re worth checking out if you’re also concerned about trying to save a few bucks during this “economic correction” as the optimists like to call it.

My biggest gripe about grocery shopping these days? How manufacturers are charging the same price for goods but making the packages smaller. I understand why  they do this, yet it still smacks of dishonesty. Raise the price if you need to, but don’t try to trick us by shrinking the box. We’re not stupid, and I don’t like it.

I was looking at shampoo tonight, when these three teenaged girls breezed by me. They were giggling and gabbing and as they walked by, one said, “Oh sure, like I’m going to buy my hair stuff here!” and I just rolled my eyes. Ah, to be so young and dumb. Ten years from now, she’ll be in my comfy shoes, with nothing better to do on a Friday night than leave the kids with the hubby and enjoy a few hours of shopping alone. 😆