And now, a major GDA

GDA: Good Deal Alert!!!

Ok, now that I’ve emptied my brain of deep thoughts, let’s talk about that girliest of pleasures: MAKEUP!

Y’all know I am ALL about finding deals! Well, they don’t get much better than this one passed along by my dear sister, Cherie.

Check out . Their line was recently bought out by Nordstrom, so everything in this high-quality makeup line has to be repackaged. What this means for us is that nearly everything on their site is priced at $1. There are a few things, such as the mineral makeup, certain tools and kits that are a bit higher. But all of them are amazing deals! There is no separate “sale” section…just start clicking around the different categories and take note of the prices. I spent $30 or so tonight and I will probably not need to buy makeup or nail polish for a year or two!

So go check it out and let me know what you think!