Acquainted with a Thief

Someone stole something from us today.

I can’t go into details because no matter how unprofessional the other party is in this mess, I have to retain some degree of professionalism and propriety. When it’s resolved, and if it’s OK to talk about it then, I will.

It’s such a nasty, violated feeling when someone steals something from you–especially when the perpetrator is someone who sells themselves as an upstanding, God-fearing person. People like that truly grieve my spirit because they give a bad name to all Christians.

How do you live with yourself, how do you sleep at night if you can just blatantly take something from another human being that absolutely does not belong to you? How can you call yourself a believer—a spiritual leader, even—while harboring a soul so hardened that you can steal from another without the least trace of remorse or guilt?

I hate conflict. I hate the thought of confronting this wolf in sheep’s clothing. But it has to be done. Vengeance is the Lord’s, that is true. But legal action is mine, and justified. And overdue.