10 Ways Winter Trumps Summer

I pretty much abhor summer weather.


I don’t mind the break from school, and swimming is fun. But other than that, I find summer one miserably hot and sweaty debt to pay for our beautiful Georgia spring and fall. And this June has already been particularly brutal, heat-wise. I don’t even want to know what July and August are going to be like if we’re already breaking 100-degree heat indices in June.

I know a lot of people adore the heat and can’t understand why I prefer winter cold to summer heat.

Well, let me give you ten good reasons why!

1. Winter: Take a warm shower and you feel fresh for 24 hours.

Summer: Take a cool shower and you’re sweating again before you can even towel off.

2. Winter: Cold air is invigorating! Being outside leaves you hopping and energetic!

Summer: Hot air presses down like a heavy, damp blanket. Crawling out from under it leaves you with all the energy and stamina of a limp noodle.

3. Winter: Low humidity means your hair remains attractive all day long.

Summer: High humidity zaps your hairstyle within minutes, melting straight hair limp and poofing curly heads beyond all recognition.


4. Winter: Long sleeves, turtlenecks, and jackets are cozy to layer on and help hide figure flaws.

Summer: Tank tops, bathing suits and shorts reveal stuff you wouldn’t even let your mama see, but it’s so hot, you stop caring.

5. Winter: Spend 30 minutes applying makeup. Still look beautiful 12 hours later.

Summer: Spend 30 minutes applying makeup while sitting in front of air conditioning. Arrive at work looking like this:


6. Winter: If you’re cold, you can layer on warmer clothes, turn up the heat, stand by the fire.

Summer: If you’re hot, there’s only so “nekkid” you can get. You live in constant fear of the power going out, taking your a/c and fans with it.

7. Winter: Blissfully free from boob sweat, heat rash and chafing.

Summer: There isn’t enough cornstarch in the world….


8. Winter: Getting into the car after shopping provides a welcome shelter from the wind.

Summer: Opening the car door is like entering a blazing furnace. Satan’s breath scorches your nostrils as you wait for the a/c to kick in.

9. Winter: Bake the bread! Roast the meat! Make the cookies!

Summer: Menu limited to cereal or salad because you can’t bear the thought of using the stove.

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10. Winter: Ooh, cuddles! Hold me! Hug me! Love me!

Summer: I swear I will chop off your hand if you touch me again.

Would you add anything to my list?


10 replies on “10 Ways Winter Trumps Summer”

    1. YES! Oh my word, how did I forget bugs and snakes? Jonah’s poor little legs are covered in a galaxy of mosquito bites. And then we’ve had a couple of encounters with ticks, too. UGH. I hate summer. LOL

  1. OMG OMG – Laughing hysterically !!! That was great my Karebear !!! So true – EVERY bit of it !!

    1. Glad you liked it, sis. We southern belles are too delicate to do anything but wilt in this horrid weather! LOL

  2. OMG, I usually hate winter, but you have me snortlaughing. I’ve stopped even wearing makeup unless I’m working with a client that day. And lawd, what the humidity does to my hair!

    1. I’ve not worn makeup most days this summer, saving it for church or other special occasions. It’s a shock on those days to look in the mirror and see myself looking good! LOLOL

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