You know you want some


Mmm…big, yummy old doorstopper—I mean, fruitcake. My grandfather loved fruitcake. I remember sitting at his table, trying to choke down bites he gave me off those little Claxton’s fruitcake bars. I didn’t like it, but I loved him, so I wanted to try to share in the things he enjoyed. But it was torturous.

I think I like this vintage photo because it’s such a huge, festive representation of many people’s worst nightmare! 😈

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  1. I love fruitcake! One of my favorite memories of the holidays was baking fruitcake with my Mother. We always baked them the weekend after Thanksgiving… after they were done we wrapped them in rum soaked cheesecloth and packed them away. Come Christmas Eve Mom would unwrap and then thinly slice the cake so that the candied fruits looked like stained glass.

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