Word Families

Today, Eli worked on the “-ob” word family. He spelled “Bob” and “job” and “mob”. Then for fun we threw in some blends and he successfully spelled “blob” and “glob”.

Then I thought of an “-ob” word he wasn’t likely to be familiar with, and almost—ALMOST—said, “Hey, I know a word that means to cry really hard. Spell ‘sob’.”

But just in time, I thought about hearing my little boy say “S.O.B” in front of his brother, who undoubtedly has heard the expression before thanks to certain family members who live outside these four walls, and who undoubtedly would’ve fallen over laughing at the sound of it.  And I decided that I am just not quite ready to take on explaining the concept of an “S.O.B.” to a first-grader! 😆