Why Jesus Wept


I just read the neatest thing, an insight I’d never considered before, concerning the shortest verse in the bible: “Jesus wept”.

Could it be that He wept because he knew so well what he was asking Lazarus to give up?

Lazarus had enjoyed four days in heaven before Jesus raised him from the dead…four days of existing in perfect peace in a mansion designed specifically for him by God. Hugging loved ones who’d already passed on. Walking on streets paved with gold. No more sorrow, no more tears. No more sickness, no more fears.

And here was Jesus, knowing all this, not all that far from having left it all himself. Experiencing every emotion known to man, it must’ve been agonizing to have memories of that kind of peace and joy while walking out your purpose on a totally imperfect planet.

Jesus knew that performing this miracle meant that his dear friend had to leave paradise and come back to suffer in this painful, cruel world.

I never really thought about the love behind those tears.

Can you imagine how conflicting it would be to put someone you cherish into harms way because it’s good for someone else? If you’ve lived on this planet more than a couple of decades, you’ve no doubt had to make a somewhat similar choice at some point or another.

Because even though Jesus deeply loved Lazarus, He knew there were those who needed–absolutely NEEDED to see this miracle–to believe and be saved.

I wonder if Lazarus knew? If an angel knocked on his personal heavenly mansion door and said, “Ok, here’s the deal. Jesus needs you back for a while.” Or was it like being beamed up in Star Trek, and all of a sudden, Lazarus opens his eyes to find himself back in his imperfect physical body, wondering what just happened?

I never really thought about the level of trust that must’ve existed between those two, for this to happen.

What a deep, deep relationship they must’ve had. Because I don’t know about you, but if somebody yanks me back out of an utterly joyful, peaceful existence, back into a life of suffering, I might want to throat-punch him when I come to.

But we don’t see any record of that. Jesus must’ve trusted Lazarus so much to resurrect him. Just pure, profound trust between two men who loved others more than they loved themselves.

Knowing the pain of what he was asking his beloved friend to give up…

Jesus wept. And then said, “Lazarus, come forth!”

And as the song says below, Lazarus hung on to every word He said.

Just wow.