Weight Loss Wednesdays

Because, let’s face it: some diet foods are only worthy of passing along to the dog! I mean, have you tried fat-free cream cheese? If so, I rest my case.

Week two of WLW here, and not a whole lot to report. I’m still on-program. The scale says I’ve lost one whopping pound, but I swear my jeans are fitting a little looser and I just feel smaller — not so bloated. I also don’t feel as winded while shopping, etc. So that is good.

I weigh in again Friday morning, so hopefully I’ll have said my permanent “goodbye” to another pound or two.

I’m feeling really rough today (thanks to my wonky autoimmune issues) so overeating isn’t going be a struggle, as I have no appetite. Though I’d rather feel well and be hungry, sometimes I wish the “no appetite” part could be extended a while. Losing weight would be easy if one never felt the urge to eat!

Ah, well, it is what it is and it is my struggle, so…here’s to another week on-program!

To join up for Weight Loss Wednesdays, visit my friend Alicia HERE.

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  1. Great job at being persistent Kari!!!! I think that is half the battle. I hope that you see some results on the scale this week because I know that is a really great motivator (although, not the ONLY one, right?) Keep it up!

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