‘Twas a Dirty Job

But somebody had to do it.

Yesterday, I spent the day following around a septic tank service man for an article I’m working on. I can’t say much about it until it goes to print later this year, but it was a surprisingly interesting, educational day. I don’t know if I can name names yet, either, so for now…I’ll just have to say that I found the NICEST people you could possibly ever hire to suck up your sewage. And when I’m given the OK, I’ll let you know who it was because they were really awesome.

I’m glad it wasn’t a crappy experience. I’m thankful that I didn’t flush this opportunity down the toilet. That would’ve been a real stinker. And when I got home last night, I was pooped! Good thing I didn’t have to drop the kids off at the pool, ’cause all I wanted to do was loaf around.

(Alright, alright…enough of the¬†poop jokes. Y’all know me…I couldn’t resist! Especially not with two sons into potty humor, who think “Captain Underpants” is the height of literary excellence. I hear this stuff all…day…long.)