Tuesday Giggles

Two funny gems from this Tuesday:

My sister Cherie has been experiencing a bit of memory loss lately. We think it’s just from stress (getting laid off in this economy would stress out anyone). We hope it’s just from stress. Anyway, she said, “I was going to Google “memory loss’ when I was on your computer yesterday. But I forgot to do it.” 😆

Bless her poor lil’ forgetful heart!

Later, Zach was working on a report about leafcutter ants. Fascinating little creatures; if you have time look them up on YouTube to see several great videos about them. Anyhow, as I walked in the door from my grandmother’s house, Zach was laughing here at the computer.

“Hey, Mom—guess what? In leafcutter ant colonies, the queen, the soldiers and the workers are all female. The males are really tiny and the only thing they do is mate with the queen, then die! Isn’t that hilarious?”

It’s funnier than he realizes at the tender age of 10. (Yes, I know he’s 11 in a couple of days but I’m still in denial over that fact!) I know many human households where the females do all the work and the males are as useful as those ants. Except they generally do not die after reproducing, a fact that many of those wives lament.