Top Ten Tuesday: Highlights from Monday

I was going to make a “Top Ten Reasons to Not Go to Kroger at 10:00pm on a Monday Night” list, but that—even though it would’ve been a great vent and serve as a warning to my hometown friends—would’ve just been a big fat depressing whine.

Today during school time, we read about the Israelites whining their way through the desert for forty years and I was reminded of just how totally unattractive it is to complain.

(However, when you’re a humorist, you have to complain a little. Because complaining can be funny, if you serve it up right, sprinkled liberally with hyperbole. But I digress.)

So, in an attempt to BE POSITIVE EVEN IF IT KILLS ME AFTER THAT WRETCHED SHOPPING TRIP, I am going to share the ten best moments from yesterday. (Today. Because it’s technically Tuesday, but I haven’t gone to bed yet, so it’s still Monday for me. Capiche?)

1. Walking into Jonah’s nursery first thing in the morning to find him in the push-up position, staring at himself in his crib mirror, then seeing his face break into an enormous grin when he caught my image in the mirror behind him. Sweet baby!

2. My sister coming over to help me hold down Jonah for a dose of Motrin. (What they say about the third day after surgery being the most painful must be true, because after an OK weekend, he was a clingy, cranky little BEAR today.)

3. My mom coming over a few hours later to help me replace the bandages on Jonah’s incisions after they slipped off during a diaper change.  (Which worried me because the doctor said they would most likely stay on for two weeks. Apparently he is unaware that things are different when you operate on the Wigglemeister.)

4. Hearing that my grandmother was being nice to my sister and mom today. (That is a really long post for a later date.)

5. Zach scoring 100 and Eli getting a 90 on their spelling tests! Yay!

6. Finding out I can get a really good deal on some of next year’s homeschooling curriculum. Double-yay!

7. Getting a $4.79 Wanchai Ferry Kung Pao Chicken dinner kit for 89 cents by combining a sale price and coupons. Gotta love a bargain!

8. How amazing it felt when I did some stretches and strength training this afternoon. My muscles were all tingly and I felt so…ALIVE!

9. My husband cheerfully taking the baby when he got home so that I could have a break from little Mr. Cling-On. Love that man!

10. Breastfeeding my darling angel to sleep, thanking God for the privilege of being his Mama and the gift of having another baby here to bless us.

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