Top Ten Tuesday: Deals from the Commissary

I love shopping at our commissary. Maybe it’s the reminder of our days in active duty, or all the good-looking guys walking around in uniform (sorry, honey…I don’t really notice them that much!). Or maybe it’s just the good deals, but whatever the case, it’s fun. I saved $35 in coupons this time—some of which I picked up in the store,  located beside products I was going to buy anyway. It almost makes me forgive the meat department for not having any ground beef today. (Best deals on quality ground beef anywhere, and they were sold out! What is up with that???)

Anyway, here are the ten of the better deals I got today.

10. Boneless pork cutlets for $1. 59 a pound. Should’ve gotten an extra pack for the freezer. Oh well.

9. Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch in the cool retro box. It was just over a dollar after my coupon.

8. $1.39 boxes of a generic version of Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds cereal.

7. A bag of Terra brand sweet potato chips for $1 after coupon.

6. Oscar Meyer no-nitrates turkey dogs for $1.25 a package (I wish I’d had a coupon—then they’d have been uber-cheap!)

5. Aunt Jemima frozen waffles–just .90 per box.

4. Mega-huge bottle of Cremora creamer for Donnie’s coffee: $2.49. The same size bottle at Walmart is almost $6!

3. Big refill pack of Huggies wipes, in the regular scent I can never find anywhere else, for less than five bucks!

2. A bag of Purina One cat food for just over $3 after coupon.

1. A bottle of Wisk laundry detergent for ONE DOLLAR (combining their sale and my coupon). You can’t beat getting to wash 32 loads of laundry for a buck! (Well, unless it was free…which, some of my couponing friends could probably accomplish!)

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